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Rico Computers Enterprises Inc., continually looks to establish outstanding long term relationships with new Subcontractors and Suppliers nationwide. We work hard to develop relationships and our competitive strength is achieved through developing a diverse group of qualified subcontractor partners. All subcontractors and suppliers must be prequalified annually to be eligible to bid and contract work with Rico Computers Enterprises.
All information received will be used only for prequalification purposes and will be treated confidentially. If all information is not provided and all attachments are not submitted, this will significantly delay the review process. Please add any information you deem useful for the evaluation of your firm. While vendor registration does not guarantee work with Rico Computers Enterprises, Inc., you will be considered as a potential resource when future opportunities match your company’s capabilities. Please note that additional information may be requested by the job owner and a detailed inquiry may be required prior to award of a project.
In addition to submitting the below VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM, the following documents must be provided and reviewed.
  • Signed W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number form (required)
  • Completed Direct Deposit Request form (required)
  • Certificate of Insurance with all applicable endorsements and limits. See insurance requirements. (Please note: Rico Computers Enterprises, Inc. must be named as Additional Insured prior to commencement of any work or contract)
  • Disadvantaged Business Certifications (if applicable)
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